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Singer & Songwriter 

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Who is Tyler?

My name is Tyler Nottage. I am a 20-year-old student who attends the Borough of Manhattan Community College, I will be transferring soon to NYU. Currently, I have found my biggest struggle to be working on music consistently in addition to working through college essays and getting the work done. I have pushed myself to try to stay on top of my work, what I've done to manage to work on both my music and my college work is to make an agenda. I may stray from my scheduled plans here and there, but I always strive to get back on top of the agenda. Since music has been a passion of mine since preschool, my aspiration in life is to make a name for myself, either by having my own record label or being an entertainer. I'm working on this by making new music every day as well as interning. Through my work interning, I have learned the skills necessary to produce and mix/master music and I continue to learn new things every day. In addition to interning, I also teach music to kids. The reason I teach kids is that children are the future and the knowledge we share they take with them as they go on they're own to learn and discover new things.


Growing up and living in the Bronx has had a large impact on my life because the Bronx has its own type of music. All different kinds of people live in the Bronx and their music is heard all over the borough. Culturally the music heard in the Bronx is very diverse, so you can't really limit one genre to fit the Bronx. The music scene in the Bronx is unique and ever-changing but, I am glad I feel that I am apart of it. Much like the Bronx has influenced my life, so has writing songs. Writing songs definitely influenced who I am because I am the one who writes the lyrics to my own music. They're my personal experiences and current challenges I may be going through. The reason why I sing and write songs is that music is apart of me. I can't imagine my life without it, my daily life would become so boring and dull. I breathe and sweat music every day. Music is me. I have new music coming out over the next few months so check them out. 

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