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Who is Sommer?

Currently, Sommer is a freshman at SUNY Purchase who is interested in pursuing a career in Sports Psychology.


Hi, I'm Sommer Code and I am a volleyball player from Riverdale, NY.  My family and I moved from Brooklyn to the Bronx when I was 9 years old. So far we've lived here for about 8 of my 17 years. The Bronx is where I've matured, and found who I really was as a person; along with discovering some of my own personal struggles.  My biggest struggle would be constantly fearing being judged. This fear, based on me trying not to fit a stereotype that people would normally assume I fit, along with people reacting to the way I look and act have been my most difficult challenges. But, what helped me overcome this would simply be me becoming comfortable in my own skin. While this may not seem like an incredible solution, over the last year or so I've made big changes in almost all aspects of my life. This includes changing my physical appearance, my mental, and even my friend group. It was these changes that pushed me to strive towards my dreams.

     As of right now, I aspire to go to college and build the life I've always wanted. Although I haven't made the big decisions yet on where I want to go to school and what I want to major in, I'm trying to do the best I can in school to make it so I can get into the college of my choice without any worry. I am also speaking to many of my family members and friends who are guiding me along the right track to help me accomplish my goals. Pursuing your dreams will always be hard but, I believe that being an athlete helped me to keep striving. Being an athlete has helped me build character because there is no easy way. As a student-athlete, you are expected to be great at your sport and excel in the classroom. So the phrase student-athlete has built me up. It has motivated me to push myself academically just as hard as I push myself physically. I believe if you can’t get your work done in the classroom you have no right to be on the court. Growing up in the Bronx has taught me that nothing is given to you, everything is earned. It seems as if the people around you have low expectations of what you are capable of. Therefore I strive to push those expectations in the way that I carry myself in school, and outside of school. To me, that's what makes people respect you as a person of color. So living in the Bronx constantly motivates me to be the best I could be.

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