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Nuestra Gente Del Bronx

Nuestra Gente del Bronx or "Our People From the Bronx" is solo photography project that was started in 2017. With the goal of reflecting the talent, intuitive thinking, artistry and entrepreneurship that comes from the Bronx, Sosa focused on countering bias, prejudice, and preconceived notions about the Bronx and its residents. This project created a platform for young black and brown Bronx natives to use their stories to rebuild their community and connect with one another and continues as a multiyear series. 

A combination of portraits and street landscapes from each person's neighborhood accompany the compelling stories of these ten Bronx Natives who continue to make an impact on their community. Throughout the creative process I got to know each and every one included in this photo series.


Filled with the sounds of footsteps, bachata, laughter, dominos smashing on a table and trains riding on tracks these are the streets of the Bronx. 

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