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Kelvin Jimenez 

Rapper & Lyrical Poet

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Who is Kelvin?

My name is Kelvin Jimenez better known as Kel’L.  I'm Dominican but I was born and raised in the South Bronx. I am currently 20 years old and a South Bronx native. I am a rapper and lyrical poet. I love the Bronx and everything that it stands for but in the back of my mind, I've always known that there was more to life than just the Bronx. I'm not just rapping to better my life but, also to tribute my successes to everyone that has had an inspirational impact on my life. Inspiration is a very precious gift, especially when it comes to writing lyrics. My lyrics are a direct reflection of my life. When I write I tend to stick with what I know, as in my own life experiences.  My lyrics are also inspired by what I’ve seen or heard throughout my life.  There are times when I find myself writing an entire song in a matter of hours but, there have also been times where my writing process spans across several months. It's all a part of the process of being GREAT at what you do, which brings to why I rap. I rap because I truly believe that my lyrics can make an impact in people’s lives and influence other artists. My hope is that my work inspires other artists to stay true to themselves and that their lyrics come from their true and authentic experiences, not the experience that “sells.”  Here is an example of my lyrics, which similar to all my work, reflects my life. I wrote a song called "Dolla Fifty" and It's about the American dream.


"Contemplating  where I'm at right now ; this $1.50 in my pants right now ; ain't nothing change ; man ; worries of death ; wit $1.50 , to my name ; man ; I'm speak trynnasense ; yall want overnight sensations ; many whom are basic ; wit the same morals ; and a dance , for entertainment ; can't I go and make it, in fact ? Without using gunplay in my raps.” 

In these few lines I express my current living situation and my frustrations with today's rap music. But here's another example:


"I remember talking to pops ; while we walked home.. 3 in the morning ; a lil tiered when I told him , we finna get out soon ; I promise... cuz I ain't never liked how we lived ; he smiled back and to me it was priceless ; though our bills , be piling up ; you still be providing... and even if you push cars ; it's gon be alright man"

These few lines are a flashback. I reflect back on a conversation that I had with my father when I expressed how much I disliked my neighborhood and how I intend on doing whatever it takes to provide us with a better life. I'm aware that success doesn't occur overnight. I'm also aware that everything I'm doing now will pay off in due time. 


Always representing the Bronx, NY to the fullest. 


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