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Nuestra Gente del Bronx or "Our People From the Bronx" is a photography project that was started by Shantel Sosa in 2017. The goal of this project is to reflect the talent, intuitive thinking, artistry and entrepreneurship that comes from the Bronx. As an Afro-Latina artist and daughter of an immigrant family, this project was an opportunity to engage the Latinx community in the Bronx. The intention behind my work is not only to celebrate the phenomenal aspects of our community that are too often overlooked or overshadowed by negative stereotypes but also, to challenge those stereotypes. While working on this project I met incredible people who I am so grateful to have met. Thank you to everyone who let down one of their four walls, long enough to allow me to cross the border into vulnerability. The stories each of you shared with me were inspiring, heartbreaking, and genuine. I can only hope that the brave souls out there surfing the world wide web can appreciate all that your loving selves having to offer. 

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