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The Bronx Native is a clothing brand founded by Roselyn & Amaurys Grullon. Siblings and South Bronx Natives, Roselyn & Amaurys created a clothing brand with a purpose.

We developed Bronx Native at the end of 2015 and it took off by 2016; we basically wanted to create apparel about the Bronx since we noticed there really wasn't any good clothing about it. Bronx Native is a brand that embodies what The Bronx truly is. Our borough is strong, beautiful and ambitious and we intend to expose that by highlighting and embracing our home through apparel, art, and media. The Bronx has been stereotyped and underrated for far too long. We are showcasing The Bronx’s culture, history, and people through our clothing. Through Bronx Native we are trying to help our community prosper and move forward, we use our art to express our pride as Bronx Natives. Using different mediums like design, film, and photography we help our people and put TheBronx on the map. Our goal is to make a positive impact in The BX and show everyone what our home is really about. 

Roselyn Grullon

        My name is Roselyn Grullon, I am a 22 year old student majoring in Fashion Design and minoring in Hispanic Studies at the New School; I am also the co-founder of the brand Bronx Native. I am a first generation Dominican from the Longwood section in the South Bronx. Growing up and living in the Bronx has influenced my life in a lot of ways; firstly it has made the person I am today. I use what I see in the Bronx and what I know about it for the work I do for school, personal projects, and future projects. When I tell anyone I’m from the Bronx there’s this automatic negative vibe that I see and feel from others and this unwanted pity from them because they see the Bronx like its this war-ridden little village or something and so I feel like people see it as a obstacle for me in my profession and work. So this actually inspires me more and gives me more drive to put the Bronx out there and do, wear, and say all that I can to rep the Bronx and showcase it in a better light.

              I spend a lot if time in Manhattan because of school and so I’m around a lot of people who don’t know anything about the Bronx and if they do it’s always negative and so I am constantly always trying to represent the Bronx. Trying to rep the Bronx in a positive light to others as well as Bronx natives was the central idea behind Bronx Native; I wanted to create clothing that means something and that would create a sense of pride and positivity about being from the Bronx. This idea of showcasing your roots and culture is also very important and focal for my fashion pieces and I know I will continuing doing all my pieces based on this idea. Clothing for me isn’t just rags you put on your body, or the typical shallow fashion that’s seen in the industry; I believe fashion is powerful, like any other art field, and it can say a lot about a person: your ideals, what you believe in etc. I also believe it can create a movement just like Bronx Native; this is why I chose to study fashion and create clothes. This is a big part of my aspirations in life but I also would just love to create pieces, projects, ideas, etc. on issues that I feel passionate about in all fields of art; as a young Dominican-American woman living in the Bronx I see a lot of problems within our communities, overlooked issues, and long-lived problems that our people have been facing for years. My biggest struggle right now is balancing Bronx Native, school, and overall my personal life and work; I wanna do a lot and I have a lot of ideas but I don’t always have the time, means, and especially not the money. I try to relate everything together and do work that I can use for school and Bronx Native and most importantly I try to stay chill, relaxed and happy about what I do no matter how stressful it can be because I know in the long run its gonna be worth it. In the next 5 years I see Bronx Native with its own space to produce, sell, and create content about the Bronx and I also see the concept of creating and selling content repping your culture and overlooked areas spread out to other areas such as Harlem, Long Island, Washington Heights, etc. We will be releasing our summer collection on June 17, look out for it!    

Amaurys Grullon

My name is Amaurys Grullon a 24-year-old Entrepreneur based in the Boogie Down Bronx. I am the founder and CEO of GET Studios & the Co-founder of Bronx Native. Growing up and living in The Bronx has influenced my life greatly. It has literally been the best thing that has ever happened to me. The Bronx has taught me all I know; how to fight, how to love the struggle, how to love my people and community, how to have ambition and strive. I tell everyone that I am in the Bronx. My sister, Roselyn and I founded Bronx Native because we felt that there was no clothing line that represented The Bronx for what it really is. Our clothing is dope and at the same time showcases the culture and history of our people. We create clothes because it is a way to visually make a statement. When you meet someone for the first time one of the first things you notice is their clothes. A perfect way to make a statement or represent something you believe in.

Right now my biggest struggle is the actual business aspect of a business. We come from a creative field, so when it comes to the creative side of Bronx Native we have that down packed. In order to run a business properly, you need to have the business side intact and we lack that a bit. We say that we love the struggle because the struggle is part of the journey and the journey has been the best part throughout this process. What has helped us overcome this is having the right teammates. Having the right team is by far one of the most important things when it comes to running anything successfully. We surround ourselves with the right people that work in separate fields. In 5 years I see my company flooding the Bronx. We will be the voice of our people and a visual representation of our beautiful home, rich history and culture that the Bronx Native will always highlight. In the future I see us having our own location where we can produce our products and sell them. My number one aspiration in life is to feel accomplished. I work towards this by never putting a stop to my grind. I’m always creating, working, and making it happen. I am the happiest when I’m involved and doing productive things with my time. If I’m not working on Bronx Native related work I'm working on work related to my creative agency if not I’m working on personal projects. I won’t stop until I truly feel accomplished and I make it happen. Our goal as a company is to preserve everything that makes The Bronx authentic and of course continue to produce dope apparel and art. Please check out our summer collection which will be released on June 17, 2017. 

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